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Frequently Asked Questions

What is United CDC Association?






United Community Development Corporation (United CDC)  is a national non-profit community organization that consists of a community individuals.   Experienced community certified licensed healthcare professionals formed this community organization coalition shall assist each qualified individuals on services that impact the underserved and underutilized communities.   This coalition can bridge local governments with local communities.





What is a TEAM approach?






This means that we can provide ONE VOICE for LOCAL communities. This is successful thru a collective effort with local governments.


Who can join United CDC Association?





Local CDCs and their membership will be included on benefits.





What are some of the benefits for United CDC members?





Access to local membership benefits such as information on Real estate tax waiver/freezes, Contact tracing in event of healthcare crisis, other social services relating to Seniors, Veterans, and Disable individuals .




How much does it cost to become a member?




Membership is FREE for regular members.